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Real Estate Rockstar Radio - With Your Coach Borino

Jan 16, 2019

You know all those expireds from November and December? They will be BACK! That means OPPORTUNITY! I'll give you five implementation strategies that will help you turn more of them into clients and listings. Without pressure or salesy 'closing'...and here is the Expired Plus Special:

Jan 12, 2019

Coach Borino shares five strategies that can turn even the most stubborn For Sale By Owner into a client and a great listing. For more info visit:

For the most friendly real estate scripts, strategies to get buyers and sellers, follow up methods, marketing advice for realtors and brokers,...

Jan 9, 2019

You know all those sellers who expired in November and December? They will try again. Get the new Expired Plus 5.0 and will help you get them!

  • Where to find motivated expireds right now
  • How to contact them with "no resistance" approach
  • Effective expired package (to stand out)
  • Best follow-up...